Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Knights and Armor...or should I say Amor

So here I am, back from the dead. Or visiting, at least. I have been busy with all things 'move' lately and while slightly anxiety-provoking at times, it has been mostly fun. I will post some pictures of what we are doing to the house sometime soon. Maybe.

In the mean time...

I found this little gem from my senior year of high school while organizing some of our stuff. If I recall correctly we were given an assignment to write a letter to our future love, and that was about the only specification.

It's just too good to keep to myself:

Dearest Love, of whose sweetness I will one day partake, I pray thee, find me today. Though I know thee not, in my heart is a picture of thee.

Thine eyes, of deepest blue, glisten like the stars upon which I wish each night that thou wilt come to me. Thy hair is golden brown and soft, like unto the ears of a young pup. Thine arms are strong, and do easily embrace my slender frame. Thy hands are great, and rough from hard work, but do tenderly cup mine own hands. Thy words, which flow easily from thy passionate lips, do reach straight to my soul. Thou art never bitter, nor foul, nor rude. But rather, thou art kind, soft, compassionate, perfect.

Each night upon my pillow, do I dream of thee. Upon your white horse, will you one day ride into the horizon of my life. Is it truth, or be it just a hopeless dream? No, 'tis not so! My dream will one day live, and I will have thee for my own.

And when, for the first time, mine eyes do rest upon thy holy face, how will I know that it is thee? Oh, but I will know, my love, because it was meant to be. For when I see thee, I will know thee. And it will be as if we had known each other for all our lives.

I thought it was a dumb assignment, so I totally hammed it up. The whole thing was a huge joke. The funny thing is, I think it was one of the only papers that I got 100% on all year. My teacher ate it up! She wrote on the back: "This is beautiful! May I have a copy? Your prince will come--wait and choose wisely! :)"

Here’s the best part, joking aside: he did come. And I did choose wisely. And he is as wonderful as I had painted him to be, albeit sarcastically. If only I had known that everything would work out, maybe I could have chilled out and enjoyed my life a little more.


  1. Here's the big question - does Ed have hair as soft as a puppy?

  2. I doubt he'd admit it if he did...

  3. m'lady, me thinks thou art a deep, poetic romantic in thine heart of hearts. :)

  4. Ed truly is a gem! I'm glad you held out till you found him!