Monday, May 16, 2011

So So Much

I have been feeling so overwhelmingly blessed lately. In every aspect of our lives, we have so much.

I look at my little boy every day and wonder how I can preserve the love that I feel for him. He brings a happiness and a wholeness into my life that heals me. I can't believe how compliant he has been lately. Any time I ask him to do something (well, usually I'm asking him to stop doing something), he replies with an enthusiastic and resounding "O-kay!"

We are surrounded by people who are so eager to help and to serve. The other morning my upstairs neighbor asked if the Bug could come play, right when I thought I was going to die from lack of energy. I slept for two hours. It was such a blessing! Literally an answer to prayer.

I have felt so good during this pregnancy. I know many people who have a really hard time when they are pregnant. With all the complications I could have had, to date, both the baby and I are doing fantastic.

Among other things, I am also grateful for:

Tickling. I know that sounds funny, and maybe even a little off. But seriously, how great is it that we are ticklish? I can get an instant giggle from the Bug almost anytime by catching him in just the right spot. That's one of those things that God didn't have to give us, but he did. Like flowers. And rainbows. And about a zillion other things.

Singing. So grateful for singing. Those Gregorian monks had no idea what a trend they were starting.

The sun. I can't believe how much the sunshine lifts my spirits and brings happiness and optimism into my life. I have missed the sun.

Blessings poured out so abundantly on our family that there is hardly "room enough to receive" them.

**My apologies for the lack of pictures. The Bug looked so cute today in his little summer shorts. I meant to take a picture. It never happened.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Again, Again!

Today I am grateful for live-over days.

We had one a few weekends ago.

Bike ride in the morning, picnic at the park.

I don't know how it got locked into my psyche, but for me a family bike ride is one of the best things in the world. The weather was beautiful, we were in motion, we were together, it was a great day.


When Mom Falls Asleep

You have to blow up this picture. Look at his hair. I could have written my name in it.

Thank goodness it was only lotion. Thank goodness it is water soluble. To be honest, I don’t know how we’ve made it this far without more incidents like this. I sense the dawning of an era…

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

For Beth

Sick and Wrong

8 months pregnant

The Why Game

Today I am grateful for the 'Why' game.

The Bug is on a 'why' kick, and randomly selects moments to ask why after everything I say. For example:

He wanted the cracker back that he had just eaten.

Me: You can't have it, because it's in your tummy

The Bug: Why? (It's so cute when he does this, too--he cocks his head to the side, furrows his eyebrows, and looks perplexed)

Me: Because that's what happens when we eat food. You chew it, it goes through your mouth, down your neck, down your throat, and into your tummy (I'll spare details of my explanation of food excretion).

The Bug: Why? (Same exact look)

Me: Because that's the way Heavenly Father made us.

The Bug: Why?

Me: Well, I guess because He loves us.

The Bug: Why?

Me: Because Heavenly Father is our Daddy, and Daddy's love their little boys.

The Bug: Why?

Me: I'm not sure, but it sure is a good thing, isn't it?

I've started to notice a pattern. It seems every time he goes on one of his why rampages, we end up in the same place. When it really comes down to it, everything is because Heavenly Father loves us and it (whatever we happen to be talking about) is part of His plan for us.

Not only is The Bug's little game a great opportunity to teach him about God and His love for us, it's also a reminder to me that He is the undercurrent of every aspect of our lives; a reminder to be grateful, and to live in a way that both professes that belief and jives with it.

So thanks, Bug, for the why game. You may think you're just being a silly little boy, but I'm still learning from you.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Ginger Spice Cookies

So I've had a fetish lately with gingersnap cookies. I've already posted a good recipe, low-fat too, but I came across this recipe last week, and I just had to share. Definitely the best one I've found so far. The edges are crispy, and the insides are soft. They are amazing!

No, this would not be a good time to point out that I have Gestational Diabetes. Guess what? Sometimes I cheat. It keeps me sane. Okay, I cheat way more than I should. But I digress--the point is that these cookies are stinking delicious and you should make them. Today.

The whole website 'Our Best Bites' is a great resource for meal ideas and just really good food. I don't know how those girls stay looking so good with all of the amazing food they make. And I'm not going to lie--that chocolate cake on their homepage right now looks so super tempting. Maybe I'll make one for myself on my birthday when I brake my chocolate fast. Oh yeah.


Thursday, May 5, 2011


I am thankful for projects.

They have kept me occupied lately. Among moving in and creating space where there was none, I have taken on many a sewing endeavor. Each one turned out differently than I expected, but they all ended up usable/wearable, so I'm happy.

Baby Carrier.
I wanted to tear my eyeballs out while I was sewing the padding into the straps--it took like three hours.
It's not a masterpiece, but I'm really happy with it.

Peasant Skirt.
It was suppose to be a wrap-around skirt but, in true form, I didn't buy enough fabric in an effort to save money.
If I had a dollar for every time I did that, I would have enough money to do it again...
I think I like it better as a peasant skirt, anyway.

I don't know what these are called--koolats?
I tried to copy a pair of them I already had. I sewed a seam on inside out and had several other mishaps,
but we pulled through. They fit a little funny but they're wearable.

Lots of problems with the pattern on this one, but that's what you get when all your patterns are free off the internet.
I had to severely alter the sleeves, but amazingly it still turned out. Now I know what to do differently the next time I make this pattern.

I also made a wrap-around skirt that turned out quite nicely
as well as a disaster skirt that will only be worn around the house.

In lieu of being thankful for projects I am also grateful for fabric coupons, my sewing machine, and a husband who is patient when his OCD wife totally zones out and shirks homemaking duties until each project is finished.

I have since moved past sewing projects and seem to be set on working on my guitar and violin skills. Bring on the Bluegrass!