Saturday, November 26, 2011

Taking a Breather

I'm taking a computer break for the next little while, so if I don't post on a consistent basis I'm not dead, intentionally ungrateful, or lazy. I'm just trying to simplify my life and focus a little more on the things that matter most.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Big One

Yay for Thanksgiving! Yay for everything we have to be grateful for!

So I started this post on Wednesday, and I've been so busy enjoying my blessings that I never finished it. So I will skip the long, long list, and just mention briefly my biggest blessing so that I can promptly get back to being with them.

Adam. I'm grateful he's sitting up now. He hated lying down! My arms & back are appreciating the break. I'm grateful we're one tooth down (two now! See what happens in two days?)--cutting teeth stinks. What a sweet little boy. He loves being a part of everything, and always wants to be in on the action. I love his little froggy voice. I love the way he watches his brother. I love his ear-to-ear grin.

Isaac. Hooray for potty training! I so dreaded it, but the Bug is a champ! I am super impressed with him, and I'm glad we waited awhile to start. Isaac is my little energizer bunny. He's always causing mischief, but not because he's naughty; he's just curious. He says the funniest things, and he's always making me laugh. He asks me 'how was your run?' And tells me to 'be careful' when I "jump" in the shower. He says "Cute, Mom!" When I get ready for church. He has an incredible memory.

Ed. What a blessing in my life to be married to such a rock. He is the perfect antithesis to all of my weaknesses. He is so willing to help me and support me and love me. He doesn't roll his eyes when I say I want to work on a certain aspect of our marriage; he is on board. He wants our relationship to be strong, and he is willing to work for it. He is my better three-quarters. I hope that I can progress to the point someday that I can be the strength to him that he is to me.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for God and His plan for all of us. All of my blessings descend from this one. When I really open my eyes and realize how much aid I receive from heaven on a daily basis, it is difficult to comprehend. I will never be grateful enough.

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving!


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Health Challenge Week #5: Enjoy

So I totally bombed last week's challenge. I've done really well with the others, and have kept them up, but like I said, snacking is a real problem for me. I think I'm going to set that one aside for awhile and re-visit it later. I need some serious focus to overcome my "bored" eating.

This week's challenge is going to be rough. Are you ready? Enjoy your food.

Yes, I'm serious.

First of all, there are benefits to slowing down and savoring your chow. Second, you better believe I'm not going to post a challenge that interferes with my Thanksgiving dinner(s).

So this week slow down. Sit down. Focus on your food and how good it tastes.

I am a chow hound. I'm usually done with dinner long before the Mr. puts his fork down, and I usually put down more food than him, too. My secret? Shove it all in before your brain realizes that your stomach is full. It also helps if you're really preoccupied while you're eating.

I am committing to more conscious, more deliberate eating. I will sit down and have all my food ready before I start to eat. I will stay sitting until I am done (and hopefully not snack afterwords). I will slow down and chew for twenty seconds, like my grandma always use to tell me.

My goal on Thanksgiving is to not be in pain when I finally finish. Lofty, I know. What can I say--I'm an overachiever.