Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I apologize to those of you who still have my blog in your reader after a year and a half of no posts. I was surprised and slightly embarrassed to see that eleven people saw my post last week; I thought I had dropped into oblivion. My plan was to use this blog as more of an online diary over the next few months to track my exercise and nutrition through this pregnancy. So if you're into that sort of thing, by all means follow along. Otherwise, now you know to just ignore me completely.

Last week's exercise regimen

Monday--P90x Cardio
Tuesday--3 mile run
Wednesday--laziest day ever
Thursday--3 mile run
Friday--Strength Training (weights routine found in Abs Diet book)
Saturday--Being Isaac's birthday, I'm going to count two hours of vigorous housecleaning as exercise.

This Week

Monday--3 mile run
Tuesday--Long & Lean prenatal video
Wednesday--Crunch Fat Burning Pilates video (standing work is a good, gentle 30min cardio. Floor work mostly incompatible) 
Thursday--30 min. walk with weights & incline on treadmill
Friday--3 mile run

I went to see an endocrinologist yesterday for my diabetes. He strongly believes it is delayed-onset type 1, despite tests that have come back negative. I will be meeting with a dietician in the next few weeks to figure out a diet/insulin plan. Type 1 is bad news, but a doctor who actually understands diabetes and doesn't throw me into an overgeneralized, vastly misunderstood category is definitely good news.

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